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項目簡介 Introduction

Atlas Protocol 全球資料去中心化雲端儲存系統,改革以往的中心化雲端服務。Atlas採用星際檔案系統IPFS,提供分散式雲端儲存服務,不同於中心化系統有第三方介入的潛在風險,能完全保障使用者的隱私與上傳檔案的安全性。


Atlas Protocol is a global decentralized storage system that reforms conventional and centralized cloud storage service. Using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), Atlas provides a decentralized cloud service without any potential risk of third-party intervention in central services, and can flawlessly protect privacy and secure uploaded files.

Moreover, uploading and sharing files in decentralized cloud system can not only become a member of the community but also obtain reward and feedback tokens depending on the number of clicks and downloads. As to these shared files, all of them are reviewed by all members of altas to build a knowledge base that meets the needs of the community.

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